Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I remember a time, not so long ago, when we had to go to sleep because the TV stopped broadcasting.
I remember a time, no zerox machines, we carried books and paper and pencils; copied and figured.

I remember when the TV showed us Sit-coms (Situation Comedies) when families were disfunctional in a very functional way.  No such thing as reality TV,we wanted our reality to be the Partridge's or Brady's.
I remember when the computer game first came out at Christmas - it was the gift that the rich kids got (I did not, but Bobbi did) - I was in college that year - remember Atari and the first Pong; followed quickly by Space Invaders.
We did not have computer games in school - in fact the most games we played were pick up football and basketball.
Computers were the size of my house, and you had to carry those silly punch cards around and hope they did not drop, when they fell it certainly messed up the program - not really - it just would not run.
The Apple IIe came to Drexel the year I graduated - it was going to save time, money and paper.
31 years later and I may be saving some paper - but I certainly am not saving time - who could know how much time it would take to learn all of these new tools and review the theories and pioneers.
Luckily I am enjoying the time I spend.  So many tools, so little time for use.
It's a brave new world, and the brave will be the "outlayers".

The year is winding down; last night I watched the middle school awards ceremony.  The kids looked so nice dressed up, and it was wonderful to see so many proud parents.  It is hard work to keep the grades up to all A's.  My congratulations go out to all those students.
This week will be topped off with the PFFE test - it has been a long time since I took a computerized test, but since I'm getting so good at keyboarding...

Today was breakfast all day in my class.  Great pancakes and french toast, but that 4th period class out did themselves with an awesome breakfast buffet.  I love it when they eat nutritious meals - even the die hard carnivores ate the fruit salad!  I'm sure that they felt well fueled for the rest of the day!  The responses on the lab evaluations are gratifying.  Setting the evaluation up on the laptop was  stroke of genius if I say so myself - No paper and I can grade them easily!