Saturday, May 14, 2011

$2M school cafeteria camera study creates controversy

This one is for the books -
$2M school cafeteria camera study creates controversy

There have been many ways we have tried to combat the obesity epidemic, but is
"Big Brother" the answer? This seems that it has no sound educational background
behind it. Seems to me that the San Antonio School District has been SOLD a bill
of goods. For $2 million we could pay some Family and Consumer Science teachers
to teach nutritional decision making, involving the community. Students will eat
what their parents eat; so making them feel guilty at school will have little affect at
all on the kids. 
So on several levels this just seems wrong:
  • $2 million federal tax dollars being spent in five schools
  • The lack of privacy as to what is eaten
  • The kids realize that they could just easily rearrange what is on their plates when they throw them out.
  • We aren't teaching children good eating habits - If we don't offer the poor choices, the students will not eat them.
Let's get real - teach nutrition in a real way, let them experience real food, healthy food and they will eat it.