Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Creative Technology Ahas!

I'm sharing this video because so many times I get the feeling that we need to completely embrace technology, giving up all the handmade, creative tendencies that those of us involved in the creative outlets of fashion, crafts, designing and cooking have.  We do it to ourselves when we introduce ourselves as.. "I'm "just" a housewife, or "it's just something I whipped up". 

So as I have been designing and creating all sorts of great pieces for my daughters apartment, using the fabrics and trimmings from a variety of sources.. integrating my fabulous, computerized sewing machine with good old common sense and basic mathematics I came to the realization that the integration of all the technology at hand is what has helped make me a more creative being.  My creative abilities have led me to this blog ... an idea that 20 some years ago would have been science fiction ... but alas it offers an outlet to me that can touch more people than my family.

So now that leads me to McDonald's - a company that has been criticized over and over for poor nutrition, marketing to children, and the most vile... the purveyor of childhood "obesity".  They have successfully integrated technology into all aspects of the restuarant business; even to the point of marketing the Quarter Pounder.  Enjoy the video - look at it with an open mind.  Remember, "all things in MODERATION", nobody should eat this burger everyday.

So my point to all this... technology is useful for creating the real world we are in.  We can not eat, dress or feel in the virtual world.  It is time to unplug once in awhile, feel the textures of life, enjoy what is there, realize that manipulation happens, but that there are reasons for it.

So until next time, I will be using technology to CREATE - don't know if it will be digitally or texturally, but I will be creating!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Week One of Summer Vacation

It is now Tuesday of the first week of summer vacation.  I vowed to myself that I would be productive these first two weeks of summer - before Summer School starts.  So what have I done with myself...

I have crafted - sewing, crocheting and knitting.  The weather has been gorgeous - great with the windows open into my sewing room, it keeps me energized.  I truly have not focused much on the newest technology, although sewing has been made so much simpler with my Brother Innov-is-900

What a great machine - everyday I find out some new thing about it.  It is programed to do knots, and cut the threads at the end of seams.  It also is so great that it has a self-threading feature.  A long way from the beginning sewing machines invented in the 1800's.

My sewing this summer has so far focused on clothing -
a skirt for Lesley with some great trim she found in our visit to Jomar ( if you are in Philadelphia a great experience - although I am not responsible for any budget busting purchases) and an easy knit top for our upcoming trip to Phoenix.
Need light colored, cotton clothing for in the desert!

I've also finished the potholder project for Lesley's new kitchen in Phoenix.  The colors were chosen by her - they should look really nice with the black granite counter tops and cherry cabinets.  Hopefully she will remember to keep them dry so she doesn't burn her fingers.  The dishcloth was knitted - a pattern called "feather and fan".   Once I figured out the pattern it was a breeze - was even able to do it sitting in the car.
Lesley thinks I should make these and create my own "Etsy" Shop - who knows, maybe I will.

So I think at the rate I am going I will be able to say my summer was productive.  Thank goodness for the technology of the sewing machine, iron, and all the fiber/fabric producers. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer is here!

I have not blogged in awhile; been so busy with finishing up school and classes.  I must say I was quite pleased with the outcome of my website for Web Design.  I learned quite a bit in the process of creating.  Remembering to keep my audience in mind, keeping it clean and simple, and consistent throughout the site.  As usual, I tended to bit off more than I expected; but it is leaving me in good shape for capstone.

Stitch by Stitch: a Sewing Tutorial is the result.  Hopefully it will help Southern Regional Sewing Students find the information they need to create awesome fashion!