Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer is here!

I have not blogged in awhile; been so busy with finishing up school and classes.  I must say I was quite pleased with the outcome of my website for Web Design.  I learned quite a bit in the process of creating.  Remembering to keep my audience in mind, keeping it clean and simple, and consistent throughout the site.  As usual, I tended to bit off more than I expected; but it is leaving me in good shape for capstone.

Stitch by Stitch: a Sewing Tutorial is the result.  Hopefully it will help Southern Regional Sewing Students find the information they need to create awesome fashion!

So now summer break has begun - as I try to relax and unwind, I will continue to merge technology with the creative process of textile arts.   I began my vacation by crocheting potholders for my daughters new apartment.  Crocheting is not considered a 21st century technology, but it is technology all the same.  I am pleased with the look - she wanted a design that would work with chevrons.

So much math, especially with the white and plum piece - working in a 90 degree angle was a technique I had not tried previously - guess it's never too late to learn!

So while I was in a productive mode, I decided it was a great time to explore some culinary technologies - like putting the oven to work!  This week as driving home from school I noticed that the Hammonton, New Jersey Blueberry fields were picking.  What a great time to make Blueberry Pies for the fathers in my life:
Here's one for Dad (Ken) and one for Mike.  Sorry to those of you in cyber space - these are for us.  Used old school technology - a gas oven and Betty Crocker Cookbook - 1948 edition.

Of course, look how they can be shared through cyber space. (Labeled to protect Ken's from the nibbles before Sunday!)
To all those fathers; Happy Father's Day!