Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another patch in our quilt of life

Today looks like it will be a gorgeous spring day in New Jersey.  As you get out and enjoy the day, remember that our food can sometimes become dangerous.  We need to keep our food safe to prevent nasty stomach ailments.  Follow the simple safety tips that our offered through the Home Food Safety council.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Layers upon layers...

Wow, have I learned alot this past week.  That Wimba checklist was long, but searching throught the guides was worth it.  I am still trying to figure out the definition of Wimba - why can't things be called what they are?  Last night I experienced a "Snow Ball", no we did not have a mid spring blizzard, it turned out to be a microphone so that the archived library research workshop would have audio of the participants.  Glad to know the Hammonton group have the same dynamics as SRSD.  (You'll understand when you hear the beginning audio - that's what is called a "teaser" in advertising)

 I attended the Capstone presentations last evening.  I was impressed by the professionalism of the event and the products that were presented.  It certainly gave me a focus, so that this work will build up to create a usable product.  Right now there are many thoughts running through my head, but I feel by seeing the results of the program that I have direction... Now I can start building with a foundation towards my own capstone. The layers of this quilt of education are beginning to show.  The introduction to instructional technology course is certainly going to offer the foundation that all the components (scraps of fabric) will rest upon.  Well we come face-to-face in class on monday, can't wait to see you all

Just one random link for you to think upon - Los Angeles Unified School District is banning flavored milk Jamie Oliver on Jimmie Kimmel Live

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a patch here and then another...

What a day yesterday was!  I planned on spending the afternoon in WIMBA with the optional class.  I thought my computer was already to accept all that would happen; it texted fine on April 12th.  Well, in keeping with my techno jinxing; I was not able to communicate - How many times can an error message appear?  After 7 hours of communicating with stockton help, blackboard help, comcast help and Amy, I have learned more about "hidden" history files than I ever needed or wanted to know.  Now my students know one of my favorite sayings is: "Time is Money"  Well, 7 hours of wasted spring break is PRICELESS!
Is this tech worth it?  Still not resolved, so if you see a laptop flying through the air in South Jersey, I can almost bet it's mine!

But on a better note: after all the hair pulling I went through, I actually was able to attend my 11PM Stocks and Bonds Webinar that was through "Go To Meeting".  All communication worked fine there, so I'm thinking the other issue was "Blackboard".  Learned a ton about Stocks and Bonds, and hope to use technology to practice wealth management.  Somehow I need to pay for all the technology.  Hopefully the time spent until 1AM will translate into money.

Speaking about money - found a great video about "Free Offers" that is offered through the FTC.  It is simple and to the point, and certainly something that every consumer should understand.  In case you did not know - YOU ARE CONSUMERS.  Found it on the federal gov't's blog:  federal gov't blog; check it out.
free trial

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nutrition through technology

I'm sure you are aware that the United States is facing an obesity epidemic.  Michelle Obama has made childhood obesity her platform, the State of New Jersey has instituted all sorts of nutritional guidelines for school nutrition, food producers have changed their labels, restaurants need to give caloric information... and yet we all keep gaining weight. 
      Since I have the opportunity to teach nutrition, I thought it would be great to integrate some of the tools that are available to any of use with computers, or smart phones.   Tools are great, and it is important to learn how to use them, so for two days this week my students tracked and analyzed their food intake and physical activity levels on two different web 2.0 tools.  Even though we encountered a few technical glitches, the students were amazed as to how they were eating and they found ways that they could change their daily habits.  I need to para-phrase one of my students when he stated that how could we possibly know we were not eating properly when we don't know what we individually should eat.  GOOD POINT!
Enter these sites to see if you know what you should eat for a healthy diet: mypyramid tracker or Fit Day.
Both allow you to track your daily intake and physical activity.  Lets be great role models for our students!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Check out the new link

Check out the link I just posted below about financial planning and discussions with your parents.
This is a tough subject, but I expect the webinar to be interesting and informative.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Changes already!

I thought about my blog, and decided that the dandelion seeds just did not cut it.  The thought of those weeds growing shortly made me sneeze! 
Now I'm so excited because I managed to create a patchwork quilt background that really fits my personality.  I love quilting - it's a great way to recycle and reuse.  Old clothing can become the a new treasured accessory.  Those old fabrics bring back memories everytime the quilt gets used and new memories are made.  A quilt is comforting in the cold - I love them in the summer when my family turns the AC on high!  The quilt can also be symbolic - putting together the old and new to mesh into a useable and usually adored accessory.  Something like meshing together 21st century technology with the tried and true educational theory of the past.  Now I'm sure that I will continue to find ways to mesh my practical, creative side with technology - I'm inspired (but I still can't remember those silly passwords)
If you like the idea of the memories of quilts check out this great childrens book:

The Quilt Story
 Tony Johnston (author) Tomie dePaola (illustrator)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Creating in the 21st Century

I am a creator: clothing, meals, fun, entertainment, photography, art, chaos.  But today my creation takes on a whole new dimension; A BLOG.  Who knew that all those communicating devices from Star Trek would make it into my laptop.  Who does come up with this vocabulary?  A BLOG, a laptop, a WIKI, and IPOD; whatever happened to naming a tool by what it does?  You know what I'm talking about; an ice cream scoop, a blender, a mixing bowl, a sewing machine... tools that tell you what they are!  I am going into this with an open mind because I love a challenge, it wouldn't be worth getting up in the morning if I could not learn something new.  I just wish I could remember how to get onto the sites... maybe this technology will come up with a way for me to remember those silly little details.
As I study Instructional Technology I will strive to develop instructional methods based on sound research that will help my students develop into successful adults who are globally connected.  I want to make sure they are getting reasonable, realistic experiences that will develop them into responsible citizens who can make great, well thought out decisions.  I will certainly have more to follow as this journey seems to be taking off... Up, Up and A W A Y!