Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pieces falling into place

Schools is out, but my research continues.  As part of learning instructional technology I thought I would take upon research into my family history; so many times the people in our families have led us to be the people we are today.  I seem to have an interest in the women of my family at the turn of the century - 1900!  After researching Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards, I was wondering what I could find out about my great - great grandmother, Charlotta Yhlen Olsen.  Little information was noted on the geneology information that I had, so off I went.

Turns out she was in the 21st graduating class of  the Womens Medical College of Pennsylvania.  According to the records, she graduated in 1873 after spending 3 years studying medicine; at a time when women were not able to join men in the same classrooms or clinics.  Drexel University has done a great job archiving the actual documents online.  Through these archives, I've seen her matriculation - graduation announcement and her actual thesis:  30 pages HANDWRITTEN on the subject of Glaucoma.  I am so glad that I am a student in the 21st Century!  Not only do I have equal access to what men have, I have the ability to research without walking into a library, have millions of research papers to review, collaboration and communication is instantaneous and last, but certainly not least - I do not have to write it by hand - hence it is legible!

Could her belief in education, no matter the obstacles have something to do with my interest in continuing my education?  Sometimes working with the tsunami of technology seems like a huge obstacle to me, but like my GG Grandmom, I will continue to put all pieces together ...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Works in Progress

Well, our second class is over, and work is submitted, but is it done?  I know for a fact that my work is ready for editing and updating already after seeing some of the additional tools that were presented yesterday.  The end of the school year has brought me mixed feelings: glad to finish up another year, sad that I will have to change my routines - I am comforted in having so much to do, energized to delve into energizing my lesson plans for next year, relishing the thought of some down time just to check out books at my new local library and create a few quilt projects.  I'm searching for my creativity this summer!

 Changing Education Paradigms is an interesting RSA animation video narrated by Sir Kenneth Robinson.  Check it out, enjoy the graphics, and truly think objectively at his opinion.  His belief that we need to change how we think about educating our population based on our society structure.  Some ideas are so simple, I wonder how we did not think of them before. 

 I am looking forward to my summer, but can't wait to get back to class in September.
I said I would post some of our creative toys made with recycled fabrics, they are soft and cuddly, created and designed by 8th grade students.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Trash into Toys

This week we were busy learning the basics of creativity in my 8th grade Family and Consumer Science Class. We began creating a toy for a preschool child. Being as it is the end of the year, and that most supplies have been used already, neccessity becomes the mother of invention. Goal: Learn basic sewing techniques, and develop a toy using resources that were rereadily available. Our solution: Cut up those old Tee Shirts and bedspreads that are laying around collecting dust. Those shirts have been recycled into some really creative stuffed animals - they are so much softer that felt. The chenille bedspread - well that turned into bears and puppets. Pictures will follow this coming week; but while you are waiting, enjoy this video lecture through the TED lectures. "Toys Teach" - this is the point of the lecture, and amazingly we don't need much money to make it happen!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The little things you need to know...

In keeping with the fruit fly theme that was introduced to us with the Virtual Fruit Fly Lab of Sally's, followed by the fruit fly "blabberize" by Darlene, I thought I would add my two cents worth.  Kids need healthy bugs, is an interesting article about the healthy bacteria that is needed in kids (and adults) stomachs for healthy nutrition.  As you read the article you wil see that the healthy bugs tend to generate from FRUIT!  That certainly is no surprise to the Fruit Fly!  In light of that it is important that we get to know our New Dietary Guidelines that were just released by the USDA.  the new guide to healthy eating!
Time to eat fruit - timing is great as all the local fruit are starting to rippen.  Strawberries are juicy and healthy; and those blueberries are heavy on the bushes now - expect to see them at the farmers markets soon.