Monday, January 30, 2012

Google sites and Library Databases Too...

Interesting evening with MAITS cohort.  Thanks to Amy for the chinese cuisine - Loved it! Brought back memories of the greatest boss I ever had, Steve Gallant. RIP.   Now my fortune this evening was, "After the winter, spring will come".  I guess that will happen; a little earlier for Sue Ross our presenter this evening who was presenting from Aruba.  Certainly can see how times have changed in education. 
      Even though the presenters were remote - Aruba and Boston, the information will come in handy.  I really can see some great applications for Google Sites with the MAITS program, as well as for the extra curricular activities of FCCLA and LEO Club.  A great way to communicate remotely with the students involved - all the information can be easily posted and organized.   Thanks for the workshop.
      The Library databases continue to amaze me; guess that is due to all the old school research that was done in the stacks in whatever library I could get to.  So much easier than going through those Periodical Records and card catalogs.

       Now if we could just solve all those pesky, techno glitches that continually haunt WIMBA, Blackboard, etc.  Just why can't all of these systems do what we need them to do, when we need it?  Guess its a lot like teaching...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shameless Plug for Charity

I am going to be shameless and plug a community concern.  1 in 4 American Children will go to bed hungry this evening of the State of the Union Address.  It is not up to the government to help these children and families, but it is part of our job as American Citizens to help.
Here is your opportunity - donate to our virtual Bake Sale.  All proceeds will go to local food pantries and soup kitchens.  You will not need to buy any of those high calorie goodies, you can feel good in two ways!

Go Ahead - click on this link - Stone Soup Dinner - You will feel like you have participated in making a childs day better.

Check out this video for some staggering facts - you will feel better about your life!  Help make some child's life better ... please.  Share Our Strength and AFT - 2011

I told you this was shameless!

Monday, January 23, 2012

How do I learn... the question of the semester!

It has been awhile since I have blogged and I sort of miss it.  I was thinking in class tonight about how I actually do learn.  Thinking back to elementary school - a long time ago, I remember the ways that I reallly did not learn.  The books that I had to re-read over and over again as I got distracted, and really had no interest in at all.  (Not much has changed!)   But those classes where I was challenged to be thoughtful, and creative without the shame of not keeping up with the others.  I learned through the creative outlets - painting to the music of "Peter and the Wolf" in Mrs. Sudlers 2nd grade class,  creating the Indian Pow-Wow and the 1st Chanakuh in Miss Irwins 4th grade class, to finding ways to create headlights in Mr. Rudnicks 6th grade class - these were hands on activities to created meaning in my life.  I hope I am not just waxing nostalgia, but that these memories of early learning can be replicated in my teaching.
      Now to our current class, will I be able to create the high caliber of work I expect of myself while dealing with a remote partner through WIMBA (that truly is a 4 letter word to me)?  I will challenge myself to do my best and pray that the technological challenges take care of themselves before I resort to smoke signals, or my Stress Reduction Kit.  Note: Do not Bang your head on your Monitor - that will increase your stress.