Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The little things you need to know...

In keeping with the fruit fly theme that was introduced to us with the Virtual Fruit Fly Lab of Sally's, followed by the fruit fly "blabberize" by Darlene, I thought I would add my two cents worth.  Kids need healthy bugs, is an interesting article about the healthy bacteria that is needed in kids (and adults) stomachs for healthy nutrition.  As you read the article you wil see that the healthy bugs tend to generate from FRUIT!  That certainly is no surprise to the Fruit Fly!  In light of that it is important that we get to know our New Dietary Guidelines that were just released by the USDA.  the new guide to healthy eating!
Time to eat fruit - timing is great as all the local fruit are starting to rippen.  Strawberries are juicy and healthy; and those blueberries are heavy on the bushes now - expect to see them at the farmers markets soon.