Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Works in Progress

Well, our second class is over, and work is submitted, but is it done?  I know for a fact that my work is ready for editing and updating already after seeing some of the additional tools that were presented yesterday.  The end of the school year has brought me mixed feelings: glad to finish up another year, sad that I will have to change my routines - I am comforted in having so much to do, energized to delve into energizing my lesson plans for next year, relishing the thought of some down time just to check out books at my new local library and create a few quilt projects.  I'm searching for my creativity this summer!

 Changing Education Paradigms is an interesting RSA animation video narrated by Sir Kenneth Robinson.  Check it out, enjoy the graphics, and truly think objectively at his opinion.  His belief that we need to change how we think about educating our population based on our society structure.  Some ideas are so simple, I wonder how we did not think of them before. 

 I am looking forward to my summer, but can't wait to get back to class in September.
I said I would post some of our creative toys made with recycled fabrics, they are soft and cuddly, created and designed by 8th grade students.