Monday, June 6, 2011

BeFunky and make it Fun!

Thank you Danyl for the review of "BeFunky".  I posted a sample below of some of my flowers before I became artistic - and after.  Fun and I feel like an artist.  Lots of applications in the textile field with this - I bet I can design some extremely cool and unique fabrics with my own photos.  That will certainly make my quilts personal!

Before BeFunky

After BeFunky

This week showed some other great tools also - love Blabberize,  the texting surveys, tagxedo, timetoast, and of course the games.  The sound effects of shooting the cannons are great.  So many tools have been exhibited.  Now I need a way to keep myself organized, with finding ways to make sure that I am not just using the tools, but that I am being instructionally sound.  I want to teach the curriculum, not to the tools.
I feel so relieved that my work is done, submitted and hopefully well received.  Now I just need to find ways to tweek the changes... Now that it is a Plate, and not a Pyramid... Well, a job is never complete... revisions show that we are constanting learning and changing.  Change is Good?