Thursday, April 14, 2011

Changes already!

I thought about my blog, and decided that the dandelion seeds just did not cut it.  The thought of those weeds growing shortly made me sneeze! 
Now I'm so excited because I managed to create a patchwork quilt background that really fits my personality.  I love quilting - it's a great way to recycle and reuse.  Old clothing can become the a new treasured accessory.  Those old fabrics bring back memories everytime the quilt gets used and new memories are made.  A quilt is comforting in the cold - I love them in the summer when my family turns the AC on high!  The quilt can also be symbolic - putting together the old and new to mesh into a useable and usually adored accessory.  Something like meshing together 21st century technology with the tried and true educational theory of the past.  Now I'm sure that I will continue to find ways to mesh my practical, creative side with technology - I'm inspired (but I still can't remember those silly passwords)
If you like the idea of the memories of quilts check out this great childrens book:

The Quilt Story
 Tony Johnston (author) Tomie dePaola (illustrator)