Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Creating in the 21st Century

I am a creator: clothing, meals, fun, entertainment, photography, art, chaos.  But today my creation takes on a whole new dimension; A BLOG.  Who knew that all those communicating devices from Star Trek would make it into my laptop.  Who does come up with this vocabulary?  A BLOG, a laptop, a WIKI, and IPOD; whatever happened to naming a tool by what it does?  You know what I'm talking about; an ice cream scoop, a blender, a mixing bowl, a sewing machine... tools that tell you what they are!  I am going into this with an open mind because I love a challenge, it wouldn't be worth getting up in the morning if I could not learn something new.  I just wish I could remember how to get onto the sites... maybe this technology will come up with a way for me to remember those silly little details.
As I study Instructional Technology I will strive to develop instructional methods based on sound research that will help my students develop into successful adults who are globally connected.  I want to make sure they are getting reasonable, realistic experiences that will develop them into responsible citizens who can make great, well thought out decisions.  I will certainly have more to follow as this journey seems to be taking off... Up, Up and A W A Y!