Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Crazy Quilt of Life

Crazy quilts are awesome - they take the chaos of my fabric scrap box and turn into gorgeous heirlooms.  This week the only quilts I can possible think about making are "Crazy".  So much is going on it reminds me of a crazy quilt.  Crazy quilts have been around for a long time, generally becoming popular in the late 1870's after the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition  where the public experienced the Assymetrical art of Japan.  Throughout history, the practical arts offer creative outlets for those who needed a voice.  How awesome it is to have the opportunity to blend such traditional arts with technology - I live in a great time!

This IT History project is large; working with Julie and Scott will keep me sane.  The research has been eye opening, and I'm beginning to see how everything works and connects.  Coming up with creative tools and ideas for my contract items has been challenging, but I am finding some items that will create a cohesive cluster of work that will be beneficial to my instructional goals.

Just found out that I need to take a 3 hour Personal Financial Literacy test - this is to develop the cut offs for the national certification.  I guess I need to study up to make sure I remember all the technical jargon and figure out percentages!!

Tomorrow is Chef for a Day - looking forward to seeing Sara's healthy dessert prepared.  The kids seem excited, and I am very proud that Sara is in FCCLA with me.

And on top of all this we have the ASK testing.  Long drawn out testing, leaving the kids bouncing off  the wall.

The good news is that when all of this combines together it will help develop us into the people we were meant to be.  Like the crazy quilt that keeps us warm and comforted - well tonight we might need that quilt!