Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Connecting the dots...

So last night we had the opportunity to explore the theories  of connectivism and cognitive load.  Both were presented in creative manners - the webquest was an effective way to present connectivism - connecting technology to how we cook.  Cognitive Load, with the Wright's trying to teach us music was fun; I certainly have forgotten a lot, or maybe I had reached my cognitive load level.  So the two theories got me thinking about my global project... now try to connect...
          My global partner on HomeEcConnect just blogged about the comparison of HomeEcConnect and Xbox - what if the 15,843,451 facebook fans of Xbox were interested in the focus of Home Ec - the FAMILY.
          So that led me to think about "how technology has changed cooking (and our families)", our connectivism project.  So many of us noted all the easy ways we gain our recipes, tips and diets; but I still wonder, How many of you reach for your grandmother's favorite pie or cookie recipe when the occasion calls for it?  I know my favorite resource is still "Mom-mom's" Betty Crocker cookbook from the 1929 publishing date.  Her notes and comments keep her memory alive - and she still had the best recipe ever for macaroni & cheese (well really Cheese with a little Macaroni!)  No - that one I only share with my daughters!
         So thinking of Mom-mom it led me to the "question of the day" for my students.  "What kitchen appliance do you think has affected your life the most and why?"  Of course 14 year old students choose the microwave overwhelmingly, you know - popcorn, hot pockets, easy mac (Ugh!), etc.  But. I think it must be the Refrigerator.
  Now I might be biased, but my grandparents sold electric refrigerators in 1929, before their store or home even had electricity.  Mom-mom convinced the ice man to deliver ice to her home after dark.  Why chose the refrigerator? - Our society now could store food, no longer would we need to shop on a daily basis.  Look at the free time housewives would have...
         Now that led me to storing food - This week as I was grocery shopping I picked up fresh produce - not an amazing fact, but then I looked at the labels:  Bananas - Columbia, Asparagus - Mexico, Peppers - California, Strawberries - Florida, Blueberries - Chile, Oranges - California.  Does this count as a global connection?  I do believe my groceries are better traveled than I!  So the refrigerator lets me keep them fresh, and it got them to me when the "Garden State" is not producing.  Oh, I can not wait until those farm markets open up again!

         I know that this blog has rambled, but I feel that life has many dots to connect... hope it did not lead to Cognitive Overload!
         So on Super Tuesday, and the eve of my 31st Wedding Anniversary, I dedicate this post to the man who has put up with my rambling for a very long time... my hubby, Mike. He stays in the background and tries to keep me under control, but in reality I'm the normal one!

So anyway, keep connected to your family... they can keep you grounded and connected to life.