Monday, February 27, 2012

International Partner - Found!

So after lots of links and bread crumbs I found an international partner from Australia.  Through the blog and site Home Ec Connect I have stumbled upon a group of Family and Consumer Science Educators who are seeking to gain the respect our field deserves.  Of course those of you who know me well realize I cringe at the term "Home Ec", but elsewhere on this world they have voted to keep the term.  In the USA only do we go by Family and Consumer Science. 

Find more videos like this on HomeEcConnect

This video may shed some light on how Home Ec truly does connect all of us to the world.

So I am on my soapbox, and this is my blog, so I have the floor.  The goal of Home Ec or Family & Consumer Science is the sustainability of our culture through the use of resources to make our lives, families and society better.  We try in a quiet way to help students connect the "core" subjects into life for all students.

Speaking of connecting ... I really connected to the theories of constructivism and humanism/ARCS.  So much of my teaching philosophy fits into these two theories.  To be they seem like they go hand in hand.  By realizing how our behaviors, expectations and words effect those around us by "filling or draining" buckets it makes our classroom more manageable and successful.  This seems particularly important when doing so many activities where students are constructing their knowledge through hands-on activities.  You do realize in Family and Consumer Science we "construct" as a matter of habit.  To those of you who presented, Great Job!  Both lessons were great, fun and informative.  I still think we need to vote for the Norwal Whale, the Unicorn of the Sea!