Monday, February 6, 2012

Regrouping and Refocusing

     This week in class certainly offered us a chance to truly get focused on our learning theories lessons.  Synectics has been an interesting process to study; I believe I had the opportunity to go through the business training of the process many years ago in my previous career.  Goal to think outside the box for truly creative results.   I have found the collaboration difficult; not due to the work so much as to the many other areas of life that are desirous of my time. 

      I remember the time that I spent in retail management - January was always a let down.  Customers dwindled, time dragged, all the decorations were put away and you were left with the doldrums.  Well that can't be said for this educational climate.  We finished January with the Middle School Stone Soup Supper that took lots of time, but was definately worth it.  Over $1500 raised to help the less fortunate in Ocean County.  We then began gearing up for FCCLA Spring Conference, as well as the Chocolate Cake Contest.   Put on top of all the extracurriculars and  finishing up a marking period, I still decided to take delivery of over 40 yards of silk for Indoor Guard Flags.  Love the fabric, but boy sometimes I feel all tangled up!