Sunday, February 19, 2012

Breathing Time

Thanks to our Presidents, we have this Monday off from school, with a WIMBA cafe scheduled.  Its been refreshing to have a little relaxing time.
Spent this weekend evaluating GLOGS for the National FCCLA competition.  It was interesting to see how other Family & Consumer Science teachers have integrated this competition into their curriculum.  Gives me hope that there are administrations out there that recognize the importance of our discipline.  I was able to judge entries from Florida, Utah, Ohio, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Kansas and California.  Good work to those who took the iniative to post and enter the competition.
Still sewing the flags for Indoor Guard, even though they continue to compete with older styles.  Both teams yesterday won their divisions at Gateway.  Go Southern!  For those of you that don't know what Indoor Guard is, picture marching band, without the band... or view these photos of our "Gold" team competing in Connecticut last weekend with their new flags... Little Red