Thursday, February 16, 2012

Theories into practice

            Oh the joy we felt when Monday evening endeed with our synectics presentation going amazingly well.  So glad the electricity stayed on and the internet and WIMBA was operational; not sure if I could have handled the stress!  The theory presentations were great... just wish I could have typed faster to get some of those sweet rewards from the Behaviorists!  We certainly enjoyed watching how Paul the cat was conditioned, just to see that conditioning applied to us, all fighting for the candy.  The cognitivism presentation was quite interesting.  It was very simple to see how we can build on the knowledge we developed previously to solve those geometric measurements.  I also found it interesting to see how much of our educational pedagogy has been based on this theory... Objectives, gain attention, assess previous knowledge, teach, review, reteach, access, etc.  I think my biggest reflection on the evening was how all three theories can be integrated to reach all learners. 
            Now I feel relief that I can focus on my Personal Learning Theory paper; developing a best practice to demonstrate 21st Century Skills within the sewing curriculum.   Speaking of 21st Century Skills; my collaborative side has taken on another aspect.  I will be judging National FCCLA "Glogster" posters for our Spring competitive events.  Can't wait to see how students around the country are interpreting the assignment - MyPlate.