Sunday, March 25, 2012

Who wants to be "Normal" anyway?

This was a busy week, but the Personal Learning Theory paper is submitted.  My portfolio site is on its way.  I am not sure if I like it yet, but Google Sites certainly allows for editing and changing.

The biggest event this week was taking the Southern Regional FCCLA to New Jersey State Leadership Conference in Cherry Hill.  We spent two full days competing and learning.  When not competing our students enjoyed a variety of leadership and career oriented workshops - all with the theme "Raising the Bar".


I am extremely poud of our team.  All earned medals, 1 - Bronze, 3- Silver, 4 - Gold.  Two of our Gold place medalists placed first in the state;  Dana Warren earned a scholarship and a chance to compete at FCCLA National Leadership Conference in Orlando this summer.  Her entrepreneurship project "Coffee House" was the state winner.  One of the other highlights of the two day event was the fashion show of all the fashion related creations.  Awesome work by students from all over the state as thousands of scholarship dollars were awarded.


Great speakers were highlighted during each of the meetings, but one really struck a chord with me.

Mr. Kent Julian spoke on "not settling for normal", since normal means being stuck in a career that you don't like, not making real goals and getting there, being stuck in debt, etc.  He urged the students "Be better than Normal".  He highlighted the speech with a mathematical equation:




E + R = O

So all you math wizards - do you know the missing value if E=Event and O = Outcome ?