Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Tonight I feel so accomplished!  Our new class started the other week, of course the week before spring break, so who felt like working... This class is very hands on, learning about Web design and the creation of a website, through the evaluation of others.  It is certainly making me look closely at what I do, and to think about who my viewers are.  No sense overwhelming them more than needed!

So as I am designing my site, it is important that I follow the "Less is More" philosophy of the minimalist architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.  I want the site to be easy to use, and really stick to the points the students need.  So the idea is to include a CALENDAR - something I desperately need for my students both in class and for the after school activities I run.  WordPress has been fighting me for a week ... but I HAVE WON!

  I embedded a FACS Calendar into my WordPress site.  I am giving my self a pat on the back - but it is truly due to the great video tutorial I found on YouTube - How to embed google calendar into WordPress.  So thank you Keith!  Stay tune for the completed site within the next week!