Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sweltering Summer Stitching

It's been a little more than a month since I have added anything to this patchwork of thoughts.  Taking some time off to regroup and organize for the upcoming school year.  I have managed to get 3 units of curriculum rewritten, integrating some of the great technology tools we learned this past spring.  I can't wait to begin classes!  On a personal note, it's been hot in Jersey - just when you want the air conditioning to finally die.  It lasted about 40 years, so I guess it didn't owe us anything - just did it have to die during a heat wave?
Now that it is up and running again I can focus on finishing some of the quilts I have contracts for.

The family heritage research continues - turns out my great-great grandmother was also a graduate of Drexel University Home Economics - back in the early 1900's -  I graduated from Drexel Home Economics  in 1980.  The things that we as family members have in common!  I even found out that one of the aides I am working with this summer is related to the "Parker" family of Parkertown, New Jersey - That's on my grandpop's side of the family.  So now my family circle is enlarging - like the 525 members is not enough...
so back to finding out the snippets of information that is my family history.