Saturday, August 20, 2011

Patching together the summer

     What a summer!  As I get ready to gear up for the upcoming school year, although I do not think I ever stopped, I am wondering where this so called "free" time has gone. 
     Summer school is over; the students seemed to have a good time; especially putting together the play.  We truly did not think they would pull it all together - but they did.  A great theme- having a positive attitude.  I think how often we all need that little reminder that it could always be worse, and that just a little bit of ambition and effort will make us successful.  The girls did a great job singing "The Climb" and Ray was amazing as "Bug's Bunny".  I'm proud of them all.
     Seems that everything I wanted to get done this summer is starting to get completed.  It makes me feel so successful when the three quilts I started are completed; even with the interuption of having my sewing room dismantled for several days.  Didn't think it would cause alarm, but I certainly had problems finding all the tools I needed.  Even managed to sew 100 lanyards for FCCLA fundraising.  So any of you Southern cohorts - see me for custom designed and created lanyards!
    I managed some free time - see the linked Shutterfly book for a view of 2 day trips.  Had a great time exploring some of natures bounties within an hour of my home.  The Morris Aboretum of the University of Pennsylvania and Batsto Lake and Village were just two of the short trips we took this summer.
    So the pieces are coming together - better than unravelling... summer is waning, but we have fall to look forward to!