Friday, July 19, 2013

Math... Crochet... Environment...

During the "Summer of Making" I have been experimenting with the concept of "Making" with the skills that I have as well as learning new skills.  Being part of the NWP #clmooc (connected learning mooc) I have been challenged to look at my world through new eyes.  I have a tremendous passion for making with my hands, using a variety of craft techniques to create useful items.
       This summer though introduced me to the "Coral Reef" project; the modeling of the Hyperbolic Geometric principle - replicated through the nature of how coral reefs grow.  I have been fascinated with reefs since my first snorkeling experience at Catalina Island, CA back in 1979; so the connection between them and my crafting skills makes me Happy-Happy. Now I am no mathematician, but having the ability to model it with a skill I possess excited me.  After viewing this video I had a need to learn how to do this:

In my typical fashion I begin a search through all my normal resources for patterns - an Voila!  Line Brand Yarns posts the basic directions to create these coral reefs.  For those of you who are lost in the video, without truly getting the directions, follow the Lion Brand link and have fun!
4 Basic Patterns: Ruffle, Circle, Cylinder and Corkscrew
        I have found a link for connecting my Family & Consumer Science curriculum: Textile Arts & Science connected to the Mathematical Principles that are important in STE(A)M education.  
My learning continues - stay posted as I expect my reef to grow - next research is into the colors of the sea and the reef below.