Monday, June 24, 2013

#CLMOOC and Connecting this summer

This summer is one of connections as well as changes, but all that hopefully result in great things.

As I begin the summer after a long hiatus of posting, I thought what better way than learning how we can connect the learning our students need to master.  So I will be mastering this through #CLmooc a connected learning MOOC through the National Writing Project.  Now I am certainly not a writer, but who knows, it is never too late to learn.  Already I have created a "Make" with Vizify, profiling my social media usage.   Since I found that I have really segregated my life with my social media usage, I created an additional Introduction page.  This time on  There are many more I will attempt, but these made my first week of summer focused.

The change is coming as we help my parents transition from a 4 bedroom home of 35 years into the most amazing retirement community in Lancaster, PA.  Of course, I am realizing that my mother has no spatial concept; she is having issues parting with anything.  But this is a process, hard on all involved, but having healthy parents in their 80's is a blessing.  The highlights of my creativity during one of the first stages of the process is pictured below:

So in the theme of my blog; all elements of our lives will be patched together, making a whole usable piece of art or work.  My life will continue to be pieced together, making me a versatile, flexible and passionate creator.