Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Old School... Really?

This past week Michelle Obama stated that we need to find a way to teach children how to prepare their own food as another way to eating healthy. Check out the WSJ piece: Old School.  She went on to say that we can't call it "Home Ec" because of the "bad" connotation.

So here are my questions to her:
1.  Are you aware of the thousands of Family and Consumer Science educators who are doing just as you requested on a daily basis, with dwindling budgets and support?

2.  How will you fund after-school projects when students don't want to stay after? or they are too busy with sports? or they need to take care of their siblings?

3.  Why do we need to re-invent the wheel - for 100 years Family & Consumer Science (Home Ec) has been working in the schools to educate our future adults?

4.  What will you be doing to help keep Perkins funding that funds these programs?

 If you want a team to support your Let's Move and Eating Healthy campaigns, you already have us, trained and working.  We are in the trenches, working hard to reach your goals, while at the same time trying to save our programs from the cuts that come when funds need to move to testing initiatives.  

Mrs. Obama, please do not tell me that Home Ec has a "bad connotation", or that we are "old school".  We are teaching these "Healthy Eating" mandates daily, while combining decision making, resource management, career exploration; you know, those life skills needed to turn all of into self reliant citizens.  Come see our classes, I don't think there is a FCS teacher who would not want to show off what they are doing in the classroom; just be prepared to work hard!