Thursday, October 10, 2013

Family and Consumer Science in the news...

So last week Dan Abrams on Good Morning America, part of the Jury's Out segment commented that parents should teach their children "Home Ec".  Jury's Out - Bring Back Home Ec?

So many responses came in supporting "Home Ec" - known as Family and Consumer Science, thank you very much, led to Dan Abrams visiting Belleville, New Jersey where he got to spend a class period in "Intro to Culinary".  He was a student in the class with 15 students, taught by "J" one of many FCS teachers in New Jersey, AAFCS member and an FCCLA adviser.

Yeah J! Thanks for representing us.  I am sure that he had his eyes opened as to how it's not just "cooking", but that the essential skills of life are all intertwined.

So everyone - tune in to "Good Morning America" tomorrow morning, the segment is due to be aired!